Why should I choose ToGoSpa?
ToGoSpa Fundraising offers a new, unique and exciting way to raise money by offering products people actually want to buy… and it’s 500 fewer calories than your average fundraiser. We’re also Women Owned and Family Operated in Las Vegas, NV.
How soon can I start?
ToGoSpa needs 7 to 10 days to prepare and ship out your sales materials.
When can we run a ToGoSpa Fundraiser?
How long does a sale last?
We recommend a selling period of 10 days to 2 weeks.
Does my group have to be tax-exempt or non profit in order to participate?
ToGoSpa Fundraising programs can be run by any non-profit organization as well as groups that are raising money for the sole purpose of enhancing their program.
What type of support do I receive?
As the Chairperson, you will be assigned a project manager to help you through the entire sale.
ToGoSpa will provide:

  • Help setting dates
  • Collated Sales Packets to hand out to sellers
  • E-mail confirmation of orders entered, along with invoices
  • E-mail notification of orders shipped, along with tracking information
What other costs are there? Shipping? Sales Tax?
There are no up-front costs to run a ToGoSpa sale, nor will you pay for your sales materials. ToGoSpa will even provide you with a pre-paid FedEx envelope to return your orders for processing outside of Las Vegas.

There is a nominal shipping charge outside of Las Vegas and sales tax is based on your State Laws. We encourage you to check with your local tax agencies to determine your responsibility to your State.

How do I get more order forms or sales packets?
Additional sales materials are available through your project manager. Order forms are always available online at www.togospafundraising.com/forms
When should we collect our money?
We recommend the collection of all money at the time the orders are taken.
How long will it take for our order to come in?
ToGoSpa is able to process and ship orders within 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your orders and payment at our offices.
What forms of payment are accepted?

ToGoSpa accepts checks, money orders or electronic payments from your checking or savings account. The following major credit cards Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover are accepted with an additional 3% fee.

If mailing a check or money order use the following address:
ToGoSpa Fundraising
P.O. Box 531051
Las Vegas NV 89531

Do not send cash.

How do I handle missing or broken items?
Contact your project manager for replacement items.
How do I make changes to my sale?
Any changes to your sale set up, including dates, names or addresses, can be handled through your project manager.